Parent Information:

Parents:  ISLC is taking part in the QRIS, which is about making sure centers are making and doing the right developmentally appropriate activities and having positive interactions with each other as well as with all the children.  Coaches from QRIS are working with our staff and providing necessary trainings and feedback.  If you would like more information on this, please talk to Ms. Liz or Ms. Jenny. 
We would like to congratulate the Gardner Family on the arrival of their beautiful daughter.
Families should feel welcome at any time during the day at Imagination Station. The volunteer time you spend will help our staff and us plan a variety of activities and experiences for the children to gain from and enjoy.

Whatever the level or amount of participation, research shows that such involvement will benefit children, families, and communities. Small things like personal phone numbers that the parents can use to contact Liz or Kathy at any time regarding concerns that might have, daily review sheets from the teachers regarding their children's activities, conferences, phone calls, text messages to my child's teacher without question.