Kindergarten Class Pets

Meet Gravy, one of the class pets in Kindergarten.  Ms. Kathy believes that children should have a variety of experiences and exposures to gain knowledge of the world around them and to learn compassion and to care for living animals and plants. 
Meet Biscuit, another of the Kindergarten class pets.  Biscuit is a Dwarf Hamster who loves hiding in her bedding and running in her wheel or on her race track.  She is about the size of a large cotton ball and has been a nice addition to our class. 
It will soon look a lot like ducklings in the elementary school.  The classes will be incubating and hatching ducklings again this year.  Watch for more pictures and videos of just how much learning takes place with hands on, project based learning.  The teachers will be incorporating GLAD strategies and S.T.E.A.M into this process as well.  Please feel free to talk with Ms. Kathy or Mrs. Moore about what is happening with their classes.
While we would like to tell you all about our classes, we feel it is better said from the parents whose children are enrolled. 

"As a first time Mom, it was hard to leave my child at preschool & go to work.  I am so thankful we chose ISLC for our daughter!  Everyone has been fantastic to us from the office staff to our daughter's teachers.  It is a warm, caring environment that makes it easy for me to leave my 7 month old and go to work.  ISLC has become part of our family and we are thrilled with the love and care our daughter gets there!"