Imagination Station Learning Center (ISLC) has been open since September 2000. 
 ISLC is locally owned and operated by Kathy Etchemendy 

Imagination Station strives to shape the minds of young children through a nurturing environment, and a focus on developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities. We understand that all children learn and grow at their own pace, and thrive when supported at a level that suits their needs. Our qualified team is highly attentive to the needs of all children, and works hard to support their development throughout early childhood.

Along with the intellectual development of all children, Imagination Station emphasizes healthy social emotional development in children of all ages. Starting in our youngest classrooms, positive reinforcement is our most important tool. Children learn and grow best when they are surrounded by caring, loving people- we work hard to ensure that children are immersed in a positive environment, filled with affirmations, verbal and tangible rewards, and overall positive support.